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Updated: Nov 6, 2019




Something else ...

I am thinking that if the career is important to you and you haven’t reached your career goals, then perhaps spending time with your family is very important to you.

To me, family is very important. It feels almost as if I am living in two different worlds; the work world and the family world. When I go outside my home, I step into the work world. When I open the front door, I step into my family world. At home, I charge my batteries. No matter what happens outside the front door, I know that as soon as I am behind that door, I entered a serene space filled with calm and energy. Perhaps you are feeling the same.

Maybe you have a successful career, you are making a lot of money, and you have very little time to spend with your beautiful family. But you don’t want to slow down in your career path, so you are trying to do both. Do you know how much your family is missing you when you are not around? But then if career is so important, why worry about the family, you are providing a great lifestyle to them so they should be happy, right? Maybe…

What if you are having a successful career but you don’t have the family you dreamed of? What if you believed all the way that when you will reach all the goals in your career, you’ll be happy – but you are not? What does success in your career means to you then?

I am not going to ask any more questions but I wanted to introduce you into my world of January 2015.

My life was beautiful. I reached success in my career. I was holidaying around the world for almost half of the year. I was who I always wanted to become. I thought that if I reached success in my career then I would be happy. I thought that being a mum would make me the happiest woman in the world. And, yet, there was something missing. What could fill the void in my life? I didn’t know. I didn’t stay still either. I travelled. I didn’t travel for the sake of travelling. I was traveling with a purpose, to find the ‘something’ or the ‘someone’ to fill the void. I had no idea of how it looked like. But I knew that as soon as I saw it I would know.

One of my travels led me to Busumbala Village, on the Western Coast of Africa, in The Gambia, in January 2015.

Just before Christmas 2014, I ventured into the old tracks of the Dakar Rally in Africa and off I went from Worthing (on the South Coast of England) all the way to Banjul – the capital of Gambia. It was one of the most exciting travels of my life, by then. Apart from the adrenaline rush given by steering an unmodified Fiat Punto across the Sahara Desert, I also met a bunch of great people who later became friends. One of them had been travelling to Gambia for many years, before the rally, and this was one of the reasons he took part in the rally. He also managed to raise some money, together with his co-pilots, to give to one of the local schools for some structural works to the building.

Once we reached Banjul, we got together to plan our last days in The Gambia.It was during one evening’s talks that I arranged to go with this the team down to Busumbala Village to see the local school, the children, and to learn about more about the African life.

It wasn't the first time that I was in The Gambia. I went there for the Easter Holiday in 2014, and fell in love with the people and the wildlife

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